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      企業新聞(Company News)
      2016上海法蘭克福汽配展(Automechanika Shanghai 2016) Win.star 曼高潤滑油——招募全國各級經銷商

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      亞洲規模最大的汽車售后服務業展覽會,2016上海法蘭克福汽配展(Automechanika Shanghai),于11月30日在上海國家會展中心隆重召開。本次展會有來自39個國家5700家展商和140個國家及地區的120,000名觀眾參加,其專業性和規模之大不言而喻。上海法蘭克福汽配展,已成為集信息交流、社交、推廣、教育、行銷及貿易一體化的全球汽車行業優選平臺。

      Automechanika Shanghai, the largest exhibition eventof auto aftermarket service industry in Asia, was solemnly held in Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center on Nov. 30th. More than 5700 exhibitors from 39 countries and 120,000 visitors from 140 countries and districts attended which showed the professional degree and large scale of this event. Automechanika Shanghai has become the global auto  preferable selection platform ranging from information exchange, social communication, promotion, education, selling and trade integration.


      Hubei Weishida International Trading Co., Ltd., as the auto aftermarket integrated servicer with a nationwide vision, has been authorized as the distributors of various well-known brands: Castrol, Wynn’s, WURTH, MAHLE, Freudenberg, ZF, AXALTA, TRW, etc. As the general distributor of MAG full-imported lubricants from Dubai in China region, Wuhan YCS has been invited to attend the Automechanika exhibition in International Hall which has boosted the MAG brand image improvement and the brand publicity and promotion within grand China. This exhibition also attracted plenty of professional visitors worldwide to consult at MAG booth and the core competence --- High Quality with Lower Price of MAG Engine Oil has been assured widely and considered as the main trend in the industry.


      Recently, 曼高 has been cooperating with Kangshun Group (ranking No. 23 nationwide), HENGXINDELONG Group (ranking No. 5 nationwide) and other grand 4Sgroups. With joint efforts, they have achieved valued success which shows that the high qualities with lower price full imported products are widely welcomed among respectable customers.



      招商熱線:18502709738  陳嘯驊總經理

      With the deeply exploiting in Chinese market, insisting the brand strategy, supported by the high qualities with lower price competence, 曼高 will pioneer the Chinese market and trigger the new wave in full imported engine oil industry. Facing such kind of needs and business chance, Wuhan YCS formally welcome all industry colleagues to join in as our partner distributors of 曼高 Lubricants!

      We sincerely hope to cooperate with you and to gain win-win development!

      Hotline: 18502709738   Mr. Diver Chen (GM)



      Win.star 曼高 Brand Introduction

      Located in Dubai, 曼高 is an international lubricants brand with its products distributed in more than 25 countries, and the quality of MAG products has been approved by PORSCHE, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, MAN and many other manufacturers. Has been well-accepted and trusted among customers with a strong representation in the Middle East.

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